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How to Overcome Kids' Veggie Aversion - Food Navigator Asia

How to Overcome Kids' Veggie Aversion - Food Navigator Asia

Imagine life without snacks. Sounds impossible now that snacking has become part of our lifestyles. Trying to stay focused at work or even finding the perfect companion to our television shows, grabbing a pack of chips and getting our fingers coated in the satisfying savoury powder never gets old. Our fast-paced routines and busy schedules have often challenged the way we prioritised our health. However, the choices we make during snack time can significantly impact our overall well-being.

Did you know that in the recent edition of Food Navigator’s hunt to find groundbreaking food and beverage trailblazers in Asia, we were given the opportunity to share and spread the word of Hey! Chips? Yep! We were able to share the story behind Hey! Chips and our humble intentions to use simple ingredients of fruits and vegetables to create a clean and healthy snacking option for all to enjoy. 

“I saw many packaged food products in the market that were ultra-processed. Ultra-processed means food products containing many artificial ingredients which offer low nutritional values. Ultra-processed foods are also associated with various chronic illnesses like cancer and obesity” 

Funnily enough, children are both our most important target users and our greatest critics. If they don't like their greens, they are certainly not afraid to show it! We strive to support our young parents and offer adequate nutrients for their little ones which we all know is important for their growth. We all love snacking and what better way to snack than to do it free of guilt? Learn how we make our snacks tasty enough to win kids over, without introducing any 'badditives'.

“Taste is king. And if the kids do not like something they are not afraid to show it. However, we managed to win over many kids including some veggie-haters with our broccoli chips being a crowd favourite.”

Looking ahead with the advancement of technology and education level, we will see more attention diverted towards health issues and consequences brought upon unhealthy diets. Because everyone around us and online seems to be very cautious about healthy living and our consumption, we can only expect the snacking culture to follow along. Hey! Chips is indeed headed in the right direction and we are in the midst of further research and development to bring healthy snacking to greater heights. Also, Who says chips can’t be good when there is “Nothing artificial added”?

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