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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hey! Chips?

We are a Singapore company that is dedicated to creating healthy and exciting fruit and vegetable chips for conscious eaters. We focus a lot of energy on sourcing the most natural ingredients traceably to do our part towards the environment, and strive to make our fruit and vegetable chips uniquely tasty without adding anything unnatural, not even sugar.

What do you add to the Chips to make them taste so good?

Nature tastes best, and we surely do not like a scary long list of ingredients. We time our process at the peak of our ingredients for the best quality and freshness, and we can only do so with our small-batch production. In our fruit series, we have just fruits + rice bran oil (1%). In our vegetable series, we have vegetables, salt (1%) and rice bran oil (1%).

How are the Chips made?

Vacuum Frying (VF) is the technology we use to make our chips. Unlike what it sounds like, it is not the same as conventional frying. The dehydration process only involves 60-80ºC heat so the natural tastes, colors and nutrients are retained while giving the chips the addictive crunch.

What is traceability?

Majority of food brands obtain their ingredients from unknown sources passing through several middlemen with no idea where and how the produce are obtained. Traceability gives a much stronger promise on food safety and is our way to ensure our produce are ethically and sustainably grown.

How is Hey! Chips different from other chips?

We are really stringent on getting the freshest and the best ingredients as we do not rely on artificial flavours. We have consistently won the blind tasting tests globally. Every pack is filled with superfood nutrients and yummy goodness of nature. Our ingredient list is extremely short and sweet. We are Halal-certified, gluten-free and vegan-friendly. The vegetable series are also suitable for fitness, paleo and keto diets.

Is Hey! Chips organic?

Hey! Chips is made from 100% natural ingredients that we source directly from farms as our added measure for food safety. However, we are not organic-certified to keep the costs reasonably affordable for most people.

At what age can my child eat Hey! Chips?

Hey! Chips is suitable for all ages! We do recommend that younger toddlers (0-1yo) to be eating under closer supervision to prevent choking. Our snack is very popular with families as it is both enjoyable to adults and children. Many parents subscribe to our snack because it is an amazing way to get their children to start enjoying vegetables. Hey! Chips are also very convenient to bring your kids out with.

Why are the Chips so sweet? Are there any kinds of sweetener in the Chips?

Absolutely not! Few fans found our chips suspiciously sweet but we rely only on the natural sweetness of our fruits and vegetables. Our chips taste sweet due to the way we produce our chips. For example, most mass-produced banana chips would use unripe fruits to make it quicker and easier to slice. However, we use 80% ripe fruits each time so the fruits would already be sweet enough on their own.

Is Hey! Chips halal?

Hey! Chips is certified halal in our facility in Thailand.

Is Hey! Chips suitable for low-carb / keto-diets?

Our vegetable chips are perfect for low-carb and keto diets. As for our fruit series, although we added no sugar, there are natural occurring sugars. To put it simply, if you are going for a special / low-carb diet, it would be safer to check out our nutritional table.

Is Hey! Chips diabetic-friendly?

Hey! Chips is generally diabetic-friendly. Not only do we not have any added sugars in our chips, our sweetest-tasting fruit chips are low in GI, which means that they would be absorbed slowly into our bloods so we do not get the spike in blood sugar. However, if you have a more serious case of diabetes or other ailments, please listen to your nutritionist’s advice before consumption.

How long does shipping take?

For local orders, you can expect the package to reach you within 5 working days.

How can I change the shipping address?

Please contact with the shipping details to be changed.

Can I change my order?

It depends. Please email us on with your change.

How can I add a gift card to my order?

After placing your desired items in the cart, click on 'View Cart'. To add a gift card to your order, press 'Add Gift Card for $1' and enter your gift card message in the provided box. Each order comes with a maximum of one gift card. Ensure your gift card message is 50 words or less.

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