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Premium Fruit and Vegetable Chips Winner of 7 Great Taste Awards

Hey! Chips Won 7 Prestigious International Great Taste Awards in 2021 and 2022

Hey! Chips Won 7 Prestigious International Great Taste Awards in 2021 and 2022

UPDATED: 01/17/2023

As of 2022, Hey! Chips has been awarded a total of SEVEN Great Taste Awards. Of the seven products to earn this recognition, Hey! Banana and Mango Chips also earned an "Outstanding" 2-star from the judges’ blind tasting, allowing Hey! Chips to become the only fruit and vegetable chips in the world to receive this high honour.

The Award was organised by the UK Guild of Fine Food — the world’s largest food and drinks award for artisanal and specialty food producers all around the globe. It is often referred to as the Oscars-equivalent in the global food and beverage industry. Food entries are judged by the top culinary chefs through blind taste tests and out of over 14000 products, only less than 10% are awarded the Great Taste 2-star. 

“​​I would like to thank my team for all their hard work! Receiving this award validates our belief in taking no shortcuts in making our food taste great. I am really proud to say we are the first fruit and vegetable snacks in the world to receive such a high honour!” Said Ms Emily Chu, the founder of Hey! Chips. 

Judges from UK Guild of Fine Food noted that Hey! Chips had great appearances and refreshing flavours. The panel praised Hey! Chips for being neither oily nor dry and have remained authentic and delicious. Pure and Simple, Hey! Chips delivers a satisfying crunch and judges recommended that it would make a tasty, satisfying, and healthy snack.

Let’s take a look at what the judges have to say about our chips!

Hey! Chips - Broccoli

"We were immediately impressed by the vibrant green appearance. Crispy and crunchy with an honest broccoli flavour!"

The judges were immediately impressed by the vibrant green appearance and appealing, crisp crunch of our Broccoli Chips. There was a pleasing, seaweed-like aroma to them. The product was extremely successful at what it was trying to achieve: a snack that tastes of broccoli, looks like broccoli, and therefore feels 'quite' healthy. Interesting and ingenious, the judges felt this was an impressive demonstration of a healthy snack and unlike anything they’d ever seen before.

Hey! Chips - Banana 


"A very attractive authentic product with a lack of uniformity to the colours. Banana pieces are thickly cut and have good caramelisation..."

The judges LOVED Hey! Chips Banana Chips. It was described to be crisp, sweet, and authentic; with a really appealing shape and snap! These attractive little banana slices initially deliver a pleasing crunch in the mouth, the texture morphing into a soft mashed banana consistency with a clean natural subtle banana flavour. The banana pieces are thickly cut and have good caramelisation adding to their appeal. Their aroma is a subtle blend of banana and bran. The best part is... there is no residual oiliness.

Hey! Chips - Mango

"These look beautiful! On tasting, they are crisp and fruity and sweet and full of flavours." 

Hey! Chips Mango Chips was another top favourite among the judges. They found it fascinating, fun and playful! You can literally feel their excitement from their words alone: “These look beautiful - puffy golden moons! They have a lovely fragrant aroma of mango. On tasting they are crisp and fruity and sweet and full of flavour. They are little shards of happiness! They look sunny, inviting and are moreish. Excellent!” 

It also comes with an interesting twist as judges say the crisps have lost the natural sweetness of mango and become almost savoury. “We got a seaweed vibe before the mango kicked in.” 

Still, these mango chips have a lovely snap and crunch as well as an authentic, natural mango flavour. The texture is very clever and not at all the chewy product that you would expect. They would make lovely garnish for desserts.

Hey! Chips - Onion 

“This is fascinating. The result preserves both the sweetness and punch of the onions”

Hey! Chips Onion Chips was another one that fascinated the panel. The flavour is curiously moreish and both the sweetness and punch of the onion have been preserved. Some of their fibrous texture survived as well, which makes them more than just onion puffs. They look great, with their light golden colour, and the stripy striations of the onion flesh adds interest. The onion character on the nose translates well onto the palate. 

Hey! Chips - Okra

"We are impressed by the melting crispness, considering okras are one of the slimiest vegetables in the world!"

Hey! Chips Okra Chips was a special contender that took the judges by surprise! They look like they are made from fine quality vegetables, retaining their vibrant green colour and pleasing appearance. You will be impressed by the crispness considering Okra are one of the slimiest vegetables in the world! Hey! Chips have managed to crisp them up beautifully and retain much of its vegetal integrity. The okra chip has great flavour and the salt is perfectly judged. Their finish is very clean - almost chlorophyll in flavour. If you're someone who likes to try new things, take a shot at this unique and original flavour.

Hey! Chips - Jackfruit 

"Authentic and delicious, the chips have a distinct aroma of jackfruit, a satisfying crunch and a wonderfully mouth-filling flavour."

Introducing our most fragrant chip — Hey! Chips Jackfruit chips. It has a bright natural colour that gives it a luscious impression. We promise a burst of distinct aroma from the moment it is opened. Judges praised it to be flavoured extremely well to avoid masking the natural fruity flavour with salt or sugar. The chips deliver a satisfying crunch when eaten and give a wonderfully mouth filling flavour. The judges recommend they would make a tasty, satisfying, healthy snack. They are neither oily nor dry and have remained authentic and delicious.

Hey! Chips - Pineapple 

"Pure and simple with a true pineapple flavour and a good crunch releasing the sweet fruity flavour!" 

Nothing beats simplicity like Hey! Chips Pineapple Chips with its true pineapple flavour! There is a good crunch which then releases the sweet fruity flavour of pineapple, pure and simple and very moreish. They have very attractive pineapple ring shapes, crisp without being greasy. 

Hey! Chips - Cherry Tomato

"What an exciting looking product! They are light, puffy and crunchy." 

At a glance, these little orangey red balls look very appetising. Hey! Chips Cherry Tomato Chips are whole cherry tomatoes and are light, puffy and crunchy. Their skin is slightly puffed from the drying process and they retain their flavour — a strong acidity, with a tiny hint of salt and some oil on the finish.

Hey! Chips is really proud to be the first Singapore brand to be able to stand out from the competitors globally with the great quality we strive for. This is a recognition for the level of care we put into making these chips. We mean it when we say Hey! Chips goes above and beyond delicious, and now we have Great Taste’s prestigious stamp of excellence to prove it. 

Check out our media release (here).

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