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Singapore Supermarket Chains Add Hey! Chips into Wellness Snack Collection

Singapore Supermarket Chains Add Hey! Chips into Wellness Snack Collection

Chip chip hurray!!!! 🤗 Over the past few months, you may have come across Hey! Chips in the aisles of your favourite premium supermarkets. We've even received heartwarming messages from some of you who've shared your exciting sightings, and we couldn't be more grateful for your enthusiasm! 

Retail space is scarce and even though we have been in some of these higher-end supermarket locations for a year now, the competition is stiff. Fortunately, every drop of support from our fans has proven to help, as we emerged as one of the strongest brands in supermarkets' snack category in the past year!

We are thrilled by the news of our positive sales results. Despite choosing the less-traveled path of introducing a clean-ingredient snack into the Singapore market, the numbers show that we have outperformed a fair share of ultra-processed snack brands. We hope this paves the way for more food makers to create healthier products by using authentic ingredients and fewer chemicals!

Today, we are pleased to announce that Hey! Chips is officially homed in premium supermarket chains, Little Farms, Fairprice Finest and CS Fresh (by Cold Storage)! We are over the moon to be able to follow our mission in bringing clean snacking to more people, while remaining cautious in our channel selection to ensure a sustainable growth in the market.

In a world where many food makers believe that 'more' is the key to flavour, we've been making our chips with the simple ingredients and food process. We are on our way to creating better food for our local community so that we can be less reliant on chemically-laden foods.

Like most startup brands, going from online selling into offline brick and mortar retailers isn’t always smooth sailing. We are delighted by the progress we have made, and the trust our retailers have in a clean snack product like ours. Please continue your earnest support and spread the word to your friends who are in need of a healthy change! 

To our fans who have been asking where they could find Hey! Chips for their emergency house parties, you can now visit our location page to find out where your nearest supermarket (with Hey! Chips stocked) is. Also feel free to follow our IG for updates.

Hey! Chips in Little Farms Event

We have been working with our exclusive Australian grocer, Little Farms, to carry our full Signature Collection of fruit and veggie chips to you. In other supermarkets, only 3-4 top variants can be found. 

If you need to find every type of Hey! Chips, please visit our trusty grocer, Little farms, or use the build your own snack box on our website to pick all your favourite types! 

Standing on the shelves of these esteemed supermarkets is a testament to the support we've received from you all in support of clean snacking. Thank you so much for the unwavering support and love shown to Hey! Chips!

Our journey doesn't end with this, we will continue to innovate and launch new products now that we are so close to you. Let us know what new fruits/veggies you have in mind for us to try, or new snack ideas that are healthy and wholesome. We can’t wait to share more exciting moments together!

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