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Premium Fruit and Vegetable Chips Winner of 7 Great Taste Awards

Hey! Chips Wins at FHA Awards for Snack Innovation!

Hey! Chips Wins at FHA Awards for Snack Innovation!

We are extremely thrilled to announce that our Hey! Chips Mango Chips has won the Silver Award in the Snack Innovation category at the prestigious FHA Awards 2024! This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative and delicious snacks for everyone!

The FHA Awards, new in 2024, seeks to celebrate and acknowledge innovation and advancements in the F&B industry. Our very own Mango Chips were judged for its taste, innovation, product positioning, and nutritional value, and we are proud to emerge as one of the winners in this competition!

Hey! Chips is a 7-times Great Taste Award-winning fruit and vegetable crisps snack from Singapore. The most incredible part of it all is that this plant-based whole-ingredient snack consists only of 2-3 clean ingredients, with no sugar or artificial flavours added! 

At Hey! Chips, we uphold our commitment to wholesome ingredients and exceptional taste. Our award winning Mango Chips are made from just 2 simple ingredients, mango (98%) and a dash of heart-healthy rice bran oil (2%). The mango slices are hand-cut to wedges and dehydrated at low-temperatures using our innovative vacuum dehydration technology, offering an authentic flavour and an irresistible crunch. 

The UK Great Taste Awards are often referred to as the “Oscars” in the global food industry. Hey! Chips’ mango chips have gone through blind-tasting by a panel of esteemed judges, consisting of 500 chefs and food connoisseurs in the UK. 

The judges were highly impressed by our simple and authentic mango chips, calling them “little shards of happiness” that looked ”sunny, inviting and are moreish. Excellent!” 

Apart from the dehydration technology used which sets us apart in texture and taste, our innovation extends across the entire process from harvesting to getting our chips in our hands! Our pioneering farm-to-table sourcing model ensures the highest quality ingredients while promoting sustainability and transparency—a feat few competitors achieve at scale.

So what are you waiting for? Indulge in the tropical delight of the award winning Hey! Mango Chips, crafted from Thailand's renowned sweet mangoes! Each crisp is meticulously hand-sliced into perfect golden moons. It has a strong fragrance of ripe mango, and is sweet, fruity and bursting with flavour. 

Check out the FHA Awards Announcement here!

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